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What we do

At GAS ECO, we specialize in the design and construction of CNG, LNG, H2, or Biomethane facilities, as well as various grid injection models and equipment or station upgrades.

Our team of experts is responsible for conducting technical and economic analyses to ensure the efficiency and profitability of each project.

Facility design is a fundamental part of our business, and we also offer customized facility design services, taking into account the specific needs of our clients. We even handle all the administrative procedures and permits required for the installation of mobility equipment or H2 generation.

"In summary, we provide customized solutions tailored to the needs of each client."

Design of Installations (H2 - Gn)

Mobility and Industry

Our team of specialists works closely with our clients to provide advice, design, construct, perform detailed engineering, and subsequently maintain H2 and GN stations.

We offer exclusive designs tailored to our clients' needs, ensuring 100% operational and legalized installations.

Furthermore, we are committed to providing technical solutions, optimizing costs, and maximizing profitability for our clients

Gas Eco is the official distributor for the sale of equipment for H2 and natural gas, representing leading brands in the industry.

Our product portfolio includes compression equipment, HRS for H2, alkaline and membrane electrolyzers, dispensers, and blending equipment for GN or H2.

We offer a wide range of pressures and flow rates for both H2 generation and compression.

We collaborate with top manufacturers of compression and generation equipment, ensuring the highest quality and efficiency in our products

At Gas Eco, we are leaders in the field of installation and maintenance of Hydrogen (H2) and Natural Gas (Gn) systems.

Our team of highly skilled experts possesses deep knowledge and experience in the installation, assembly, and maintenance of electrolysis and compression technologies, enabling us to provide customized and efficient solutions to our clients.

Our strengths lie in our specialized focus on the installation and maintenance of hydrogen (H2) and natural gas (Gn) electrolysis and compression systems.

Distribution and Equipment (H2- Gn)

Mobility, blending, off-grid, Tube Trailer....

Electrolyzer and HRS Installation + Maintenance (H2 - Gn)

Specialists in electrolysis and compression installations for H2 or natural gas..

Over the past 10 years, Gas Eco H2 has successfully constructed more than 30 refueling stations throughout Spain.

Our highly trained team and our focus on innovation have enabled us to develop projects of high complexity, meeting the highest standards of quality and safety.

With over 20 years in the industry, our knowledge and experience make us a benchmark in the market, providing high-quality and reliable solutions for our clients.

Construction and Installation

Mobility, industry, or injection into the distribution network

Permitting and Licenses

Permit processing

Engineering and Preliminary Projects

Biomethane, H2, Reverse Flow, CNG, or LNG

Our company specializes in cutting-edge engineering for the construction and assembly of stations dedicated to biomethane, vehicle gas, hydrogen, and reverse flow systems of biomethane into the natural gas network.

We have a highly trained and experienced team in the design, development, and commissioning of sustainable energy projects.

Our technical skills encompass everything from planning and designing installations to the implementation and management of the entire process.

In our comprehensive approach, we take care of all aspects related to the permits and licenses required for your projects.

We handle the processing and obtaining of the necessary permits, including local and regional permits, ensuring that everything is in order to comply with legal requirements.

Our team also manages the approval of installations and the handling of other special permits that may be required.